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Welcome To Acquard's

Professional groomer since 2001.



Grooming Services offered :

  • Bath
  • Brush out
  • Nail trim
  • Ear cleaning and trim or shave down if needed




Zena and Alyson

My purpose is to enable families to “get away” and not worry how their pets are doing without them.  Over the years many improvements have been made to the facility and will continue!  With safety and comfort the highest priority.  I encourage owners to bring items from home, bedding, toys, treats and most importantly …. Your pet’s special diet!  Home away from home!  Feel free to schedule a visit.  We offer cat or dog boarding at $18 per day per pet.  Kennel is climate controlled.  Your pet needs to be current on all vaccinations before their visit.  We finished our new kennel, see pictures below!

Outdoor entrance Outdoor sideview
Indoor 1 Indoor 2
Indoor 3 Indoor 4
Kennel fence Indoor Doggy doors

Current info

Please let us know of any changes in your pet’s emergency contact info, phone numbers, personality, veterinarian, health, surgeries, illnesses, diet, bowels or urine or any other new or updated information required while your pet is in our care.  Please let us know if your pet in the last month has been at dog parks, boarding or daycare facilities, meeting new pets, animal shelters or has had any exposure to illnesses.

Let us know if you want Grooming or any Extra Services for your stay!

Please label all items, medications, food, treats, toys and any other items.  We record all items that come in to try to get all items returned to your pet!  We are not responsible if lost, damaged, had to much fun with or chewed.  We do laundry when needed for a long stay.  Please try to give us an accurate time for your checkout so all your items can be cleaned and ready for your checkout.

Collar, Leash and/or carrier

All pets checking in and out must be held on a proper leash at all times or carried in a carrier to protect everyone’s safety!  Some other pets at our facility may not play well or maybe your dogs are friends in a play group but they may be totally different on a leash with their parents.  To protect everyone, keep your pets close to you at all times.  Also before you get here make sure their collars are tight enough so they cannot slip over their head!

Meal time

We prefer you bring food from home, that way there aren’t any upset tummies while on vacation.  Always pack extra in case plans change, weather or spoilage occurs.  There is no need to pack your bowls unless your pet doesn’t eat or drink out of our stainless steel bowls.

Something Comfy from Home

You may pack a blanket, bed, pillow, towel and/or fleece.  It’s just nice to have something from home!  We will remove bedding if your pet is chewing for their safety.

Potty time

Some dogs like to be walked and some like having a large run to play in. Feel free to schedule a visit. We are not a doggy play group so everyone gets let out separately for safety reasons.

BREEDING goldendoodles & mini sheepadoodles





Grayson is a merle miniature poodle.  He is very lovable!  All his health testing is clear.

His D.O.B. 07/03/17 and he weighs 12 pounds.

He is also available for stud service please contact me for information.


Llink 2


Link is a Red Standard Poodle. He is a lady's man. All his health testing is clear.

His D.O.B. Dec 2016 and he weighs 60 pounds.

Link is also available for stud service please contact me for information.




Dax is a Chocolate Standard Poodle. He is goofy but loving. All his health testing is clear.

His D.O.B. 02/23/17 and he weighs 60 pounds.

Dax is also available for stud service please contact me for information.

 Our Breeding Females


Missy 2


Missy is an F1B Chocolate Goldendoodle and is our naughty teenager but very comical!  All of her health testing is clear!

Her D.O.B. Is 8/15/14 and she weighs 55 pounds.




Penelope is an F1 Black Goldendoodle and is the sweetest, smartest little girl you will ever know.  All her health testing is clear.

Her D.O.B. 03/24/17 and she weighs 55 pounds.



Sophie is an F1B Red Goldendoodle and is loving, caring and attentive!  All of her health testing is clear!

Her D.O.B. Is Apr 2015 and she weighs 60 pounds.



Millie is an F1BB Chocolate and White Parti Goldendoodle and is very sweet, intelligent and playful!  All of her health testing is clear!

Her D.O.B. Is 4/17/18 and she weighs 44 pounds.

 Penny 2


Penny is an AKC Brown and White Parti Standard Poodle and is very shy and sweet!  All of her health testing is clear!

Her D.O.B. Is 06/01/18 and she weighs 40 pounds.



Shaba is an F1B Sheepadoodle and is the most personable dog I have ever met!  All of her health testing is clear!

Her D.O.B. Is Dec 2016 and she weighs 55 pounds.